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  • Colin Njoteh

Das Flat

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

After a long time of procrastinating, I had decided to just go ahead and get on with I am now having a go at using Corona Render and begin to learn how to use it.

I wanted an architectural interior as the first test so thought I would model one up and as I had an idea for a pet project in the form of an animated short rolling around in my head, though it would be the perfect opportunity to kick start that project by modelling up one of the scenes as a test.

Once I got going, I found that there was almost little to no learning required as it was quite easy to use. The material creating process was a breeze, as modern renderers all seem to have similar inputs and workflows especially if based on PBR methods. Not played with displacement yet, but the documentation was very helpful to get you out of those moments when you can't quite make out how to get the result you want.

I found Corona Render to be very easy, the VFB quite responsive and the whole experience was very pleasing.

Next stop, animation tests...

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